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Electric engine class 151 023-9 (1:45)

Scale: 1:45
Size: 8xA3 with parts, 6xA3 with instructions drawings
Difficulty: 5/5
Print: offset
Double-side print: YES
Author: Štefek M.
No tax
We dispatch within 2-3 days

Paper model of Czech electric engine in 1:45 (0) scale. Model has a lot of details. Model isn't designed for begginers. Pages with parts of model are both side printed for simple assembly!

Instructions in electronic form for download HERE.

Additional 3D model renders for download HERE.

The following resin accessories can be purchased for the model:

Train car hook (1:45) - MSR/0002
Sandblasting knee - type 2 (1:45) - MSR/0004
Accessories for MSM/0002 - MSR/0005
Air hoses - type 2 (1:45) - MSR/0006
Parts for semi-pantographs ČSD/ČD (1:45) - MSR/0008
Horns - type 1 (1:45) - MSR/0009

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