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Railway station Otrokovice (2003)

Scale: 1:300
Dimensions: 720x400mm
Size: 23xA5, 16xA4
Difficulty: 5/5
Print: offset
Double-side print: Partly
Author: Štefek M.
No tax
We dispatch within 2-3 days

Diorama of the Otrokovice railway station depicting its appearance in 2003.

The model contains 2x A3 of additional instructional drawings, 23x A5 and 16x A4 pages of parts. The diorama itself (terrain graphics, buildings, platforms, signals, catenary construction, lighting) is supplemented by a set of vehicles. There are 5 types of locomotives (class 150, 371, 363, 110 and 810(2pcs)), 9 types of wagons (A, AB, B(3pcs), BDs, Ds, Bc, WR, Btax(2pcs) and Falls(5pcs)) and to types of vehicles of the Zlin public transport (Ikarus 280(2pcs) and Škoda Sanos(2pcs)).

Is possible to buy photo-etched parts which are in MS Models offer (not included). Etched details for locomotive class 110 μE/0003, pantographs for electric locomotives μE/0001 and μE/0006, details for freight wagon Falls μE/0009 and parts for catenary construction μE/0004 (need 2 pieces) and μE/0007 (1 piece is enough for this diorama) are available for this set.

Laser-cut skeleton for an express coaches (μ2/0001-7) are also available.

For buffers you can use plastic rod of diameter 0,75mm - see realted items.


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