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AK-07, 08 LIAZ 100.47 + BSS 31.23.22

Scale: 1:32
Size: 23xA4 with parts (1185+1140 parts)
Difficulty: 5/5
Print: ofset
Double-side print: NE
Author: Vavera J.
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We bring you a 1:32 scale model of a tractor with semitrailer. The tractor can be built with or without interior and has a swivel front axle. The semi-trailer can be assembled both with and without a tarpaulin with a detailed construction of the tarpaulin attachment. It also allows for high or low side posts and the last axle of the trailer has a functional swivel. The scale of the cut-out is 21 A4 pages printed offset on 170gsm paper and 2 pages with parts that are difficult to assemble from harder paper, printed on office paper.

The cut-out book includes a foil for glazing the model.


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