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We offer in our e-shop also laser-cut parts, which will make your model building much easier. During designing and testing our laser-cut parts, we pay attention to precision, for creating the simple and easy use products. 

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This article should introduce laser-cut parts for modelers, who will use them the first time. At the first look you can see, that edges of parts are covered by black dust. This black dust must be removed, because it cause a lot of problems like:

  • soil your hands and then you'll soil color parts of model
  • it is impossible to color edges
  • glue laser-cut parts together is also difficult or impossible

In the first case we are talking about soiling. Just take the parts to your hands and you can see black dust lines on them. This black dust is like a coal used by artists to create pictures. In case you would soil model parts with this black dust by your hands, it's very difficult or impossible to remove this dust from model parts. In the second case we are talking about coloring edges. It is difficult to apply color to edges covered by the dust. The color also becomes darker due to mixing with the dust. The last case is gluing parts together, where the princip is the same like in the case of coloring edges. 

So, how to fix these problems? The solution is really easy - you'll need a sandpaper and piece of wood (for inner radii you can glue sandpaper to wood rod). Roughness of sandpaper is approx. 280. It's glued on wood with contact glue. You can have more grinding tools with more roughnesses or in different shapes. Now, you can cut the pieces out of a paper frame. Cutted parts are joined with the frame with small bridges. It's possible that sometimes the parts aren't cut properly. In this case you must cut uncutted places with a knife. It won't be a problem, because the knife is led by the laser line. After that you can grind the edges for getting them cleaner. It is not necessary push sandpaper so much. Together with cleaning edges you are going to align remains of bridges with the edges. I can say that it is better to grind it outside. It is also better to grind more parts together (if I must be soiled, it's better to do it once :) ). During grinding is also good to clean your ginding tool continuously. In other cases the dust is only spreaded on the edge.

Note: In case of irregularity about size of laser-cut parts, please compare parts with original ones (printed) which have correct dimensions. It is necessary to edit laser-cut part according to the printed one.

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