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What MS Models is?

Design and construction of paper models. The main focus is at railway and aviation technology, where the aim is at details and precise construction of designed models.

We also design various addons for models like:

  • Laser-cut paper parts
  • Photo etched parts made of brass sheet metal
  • Details printed on 3D printer

What are we planning?

  • Canopies or other details made of transparent foil

Founding of MS Models

Brand MS Models as a brand is a result of many years of making paper models and the brand itself has been here since 2021. I started making paper models when I was about six, when I built my first paper models. Many years have passed, during which I've gained a lot of experience. Then I tried to draw up some paper models on PC and this seemed like a way to progress as a paper modeler. And now, the time came to use those experiences and make more paper modelers happy by releasing new paper models.

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