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How to work with clear resins from 3D print

How to work with clear resins from 3D print

About clear resins in general

In the MS Models offer you can also find sets that contain transparent resin parts. As it happens, everything good has its BUTs. In the case of transparent resin, the biggest problem is the fact that the resin gets a milky color after washing and its transparency disappears. Fortunately, this problem can be eliminated to some extent by applying a gloss varnish. In the case of the test samples, Vallejo gloss varnish was applied to restore the parts' transparency. However, it is important to mention the fact that the quality of the transparency is unfortunately never equal to that of injection moulded plastic. It is therefore worth drawing only the finer details where this fact can be accepted. Even better results can be achieved by sanding and polishing, but this process can only be applied to larger parts that are not too rugged.


The workflow in the case of varnish is very simple. Carefully separate the parts from the supports and lightly sand off the remains of the supports. Then brush or airbrush on the gloss varnish and leave to dry. We should get a part with much better transparency. Transparent paint can then also be applied to the part.


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