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The first "25" from MS Models?

After three years since the foundation of the MS Models publishing house, we are finally getting to the 1:25 scale in the field of railway models. Many of you must be eagerly waiting for the "cloudy" diesel locomotive of the 749/751 series, which has been in the works for about 10 years. The fact that this project will be released right after the current one will hopefully save any possible disappointment. The release date of the "cloudy" is difficult to estimate, but winter 2024 would seem to be a realistic date.

The work on the model is in its first half for now, but we can already sketch the future appearance of the model. The model, in 1:25 scale, will be possible to glue together in several difficulties, chosen by the modeler. The standard markings of the model will include optional parts that divide the model into "simplified" or "detailed". However, the possibilities do not end there. If the modeller does not require, for example, the interior or engine room to be glued together, these parts can be omitted without affecting the rest of the model.

In the picture gallery you can see the first pictures of the model construction and I firmly believe that this model will find its owners after its release.

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